Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Breaking News!!

Kia Ora Whanau,

It's Miriam here, Dad asked me to help him make his blog more accessible and to let everyone know that it actually exists.  You should now be able to subscribe by email by clicking on the "follow by email" button and entering your email address. Also because he didn't realise that he was the only one getting updates he's been busily posting away so there's lots to catch up on!  I've added a search function so you can look for specific posts.... or see what's been written about you :)


  1. Dear David,

    I am interested in Reginald Bell, as the collector of a most unusual fungus (a species of Ganoderma) that is only known from his 3 specimens dating from 1969-1972. The species has not been seen since. As a researcher of fungi, and particularly interested in fungal conservation, the fungus found by Reg (and reported to GB Rawlings at Forest Research Institute) is one of New Zealand's rarest species. Along with research colleagues, I am keen to try to re-collect this species, by finding those who knew Reg and who might recall (albeit so long ago) where he found the fungus. Can you please contact me at

    Peter Buchanan, Fungal Scientist, Landcare Research, Auckland

  2. Ummm kia ora Whanau, I'm trying to look for my Whakapapa. My dad's dad's dad (great grandfather) is Hotene who was married to Pianika and are both buried at Purekireki I believe. Nga mihi