Monday, 10 June 2013

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I'll let you digest those stories  about our first Maori ancestors and the next task will be to introduce some easy-to-read genealogical tables (charts). These are valuable in that they give a sense of location to those ancient names and characters and their path down to us - or our path back to them, whichever way you see it. If I dump the whole lot on you at once it will be a confusing jumble of names so I'll begin them in short, digestible blocks. Here's the first one; females are in pink...follow the red line.

                                                        Easy-read Table 1.        

                                               Hoturoa + Whakaoterangi
                        __________________ I_____________   
                       I                           I                                    I
               Hotuope             Hotumatapu              Kahukeke+Rakataura
                                                                          _________ I________
                                                                         I             I                      I
                                                                  Houmea        I                  Hape
                                                                            I                                    I
                                            Puniatekore+Tawhao+Marutehiakina Tuhianga
                                       _______________ I        I___________         
                                      I                                                               I
                       Turongo+Mahinaarangi      Ruaputahanga+Whatihua+Apakura

                                   Table 2 when we have gone through a few more ancestors.

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