Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chart 4: Peter (Mac) and Patricia Bell (2013)

This genealogical table will take you from Jean and Peter Bell to the latest generation in the family of Mac and Pat Bell. Then, one-by-one the same will be done for each of the others. Only names appear on this chart. A full descendant list of Jean Waireti can be provided upon request with birth, marriage and death dates as I have them, and any other genealogical records you might be interested in. Some may need correcting and you may have information that needs to be added. Please check the information and email me at for any additions and corrections to be made. I am reluctant to put detailed lists out on the blog because of privacy concerns, but I can send full copies to you personally if wanted. The primary purpose of these simplified charts is to help us all to know our immediate whanau, especially the rising generation.

Bell Family 1: Peter McGruther Bell and Patricia Thirza Brown

Jean Waireti Ormsby McGruther+Peter Leslie Absolum Bell
I                      I                  I            I             I            I           I           
I          Colin Walter     Glenda  David   Maurice  Stewart   Jan
Peter (Mac)+Patricia Thirza Brown
   I                                       I                                       I                                    I
Denise+Barry Blyde      Kelvin+Rachel        Karen+Peter Yates                    I
  _____I_____               _____I ________           __I_______________        I
  I                   I              I              I           I           I         I            I          I         I       
Halie          Heath     Dennon  Shane Olivia   Jaime  Clayton Darcy Wade    I
                                                                Leslie (Bully)+ Re'nee
                                                          ______________ I_____________
                                                          I                            I                         I
                                                      Reid                     Anton                 Blair

Desendants of Mac and Pat                         16
Male descendants                                         11
female descendants                                       5
Grandchildren                                               9
Total individuals counting spouses              22

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