Thursday, 5 December 2013

Genealogical Chart 14: Ang.

A genealogical chart of the Ang family from Winnnie Ming Ling (Hung) Bell going back as far as is presently known. It will be added to if more information is acquired.

(A)                     Ang Dek Siang+Unknown
                     Ang Wei Siang+Que Mit
                       Ang Gin Chiu+Dhi Yu Hwan
                       Ang Yuk Lim+Dhi Biao
                     Ang Chiu Shui+Que Him
                    Ang Chay Pek+Go Lea Hua
I                           I                        I                          I
HungMingLing  AngYanSan  HungMingLung   AngYanKang

(B)              Hung Ming Ling+David Bell
             I                              I                                     I
Jared+Jacinda Harvey  Miriam+Joven Esteves  Candice+Fraser Costley
Chemae                       Kalei                             Ella
Ashden                       Sarina                           Ava
Rylan                          Emelia                          Kobe

(C)              Ang Yan San+Chan Lai Kam
         I                    I                          I
Ang Dhi Wui    Ang Dhi Yen       Ang Dhi Yap

(D)              Hung Ming Lung+Lee Gam Yin


* In the recent generation the name Hung is introduced. Hung is the Cantonese version of Ang in the Fujian dialect. Some in the family have chosen to retain the Fujian versions. For example, Winnie and Lina go by Hung while Raymond and Henry use the Fujian Ang. This is understandable when you remember that Hong Kong was a thoroughly Cantonese-speaking place when the family moved there in 1951. As the kids grew up they would naturally adapt to their environment, language adaptations included.

* Chinese records are notoriously hard to find as so many have been destroyed and lost due to China's turbulent history. Wars, disasters, illiteracy, poverty and the scattering of families in search of better economic conditions has taken its toll. We are fortunate to have names taking us back seven generations from Winnie Ming Ling Hung (Bell) to Ang Dek Siang because of an old school exercise book brought out from China when the family left in 1951. Some unknown person took the trouble to hand copy these names (whether from another family records book or directly from headstones is unsure) into the exercise book with basic information about each. It is by no means complete, there are still thousands of forgotten ancestors. Nevertheless, we owe a great debt to that person for what we have. It's a beginning at least.

* Essentially all old Chinese birth and death records use the Chinese Lunar calendar which is difficult to translate over to the Gregorian calendar the world uses today.


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